Benchmark’s Founder
Benchmark Cosmetic Laboratories was founded by Susan Goldsberry in 2007. Susan is a veteran cosmetic chemist who is the mastermind behind some of the industry’s most innovative and successful products. It’s hard to walk the aisles of any beauty retailer and not be surrounded by Susan’s work. From advanced anti-aging skin care formulas that power billions in sales, to creative hair care products that enable hairdressers to reach new levels of artistry, Susan’s work is used and loved by millions of consumers every day. Under her guidance, Benchmark Cosmetic Laboratories has become the preeminent resource for marketers who demand technologically advanced, highly marketable formulas.

Susan has spent her entire career as an R&D chemist. At Benchmark, she leads a team of senior chemists, quality control specialists and regulatory experts with over 100 years combined experience. Susan and her team have created formulas for thousands of products that are sold in virtually every segment of the global cosmetics market. Among the many ground-breaking formulas that revolutionized the industry are an over-SPF 100 sunscreen, high-hold hair styling clays, and imperfection-blurring technology for anti-aging skin care.

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