Benchmark Cosmetic Laboratories creates breakthrough formulas
that power tomorrow’s best-selling beauty products.


Whether it’s for blue sky innovation, category-defined products or complex formulating challenges, savvy marketers turn to Benchmark Cosmetic Laboratories to create what’s next in beauty. As a true hub of innovation on the West Coast, Benchmark works with hundreds of ingredient suppliers who give the lab a first look at new ingredients, often long before they’re on the market. We’ve nurtured strong relationships with leading researchers at top universities who work with Benchmark to find paths to commercialization for their cutting-edge ideas.

We believe in the power of innovation to transform businesses, industries, and the quality of our lives, and we bring that mindset to the formulating bench every day.


Benchmark’s Founder
Benchmark Cosmetic Laboratories was founded by Susan Goldsberry in 2007. Susan is a veteran cosmetic chemist who is the mastermind behind some of the industry’s most innovative and successful products. It’s hard to walk the aisles of any beauty retailer and not be surrounded by Susan’s work. From advanced anti-aging skin care formulas that power billions in sales, to creative hair care products that enable hairdressers to reach new levels of artistry, Susan’s work is used and loved by millions of consumers every day. Under her guidance, Benchmark Cosmetic Laboratories has become the preeminent resource for marketers who demand technologically advanced, highly marketable formulas.


Susan has spent her entire career as an R&D chemist. At Benchmark, she leads a team of senior chemists, quality control specialists and regulatory experts with over 100 years combined experience.  Susan and her team have created formulas for thousands of products that are sold in virtually every segment of the global cosmetics market. Among the many ground-breaking formulas that revolutionized the industry are an over-SPF 100 sunscreen, high-hold hair styling clays, and imperfection-blurring technology for anti-aging skin care.

Susan is a named inventor on numerous patents, including ones for a highly photostable sunscreen composition, an anti-aging composition that instantly reduces the appearance of fine lines, topical scar treatments, an acne solution, and methods and compilations for hair removal. She also has pending patent applications for new technologies, including a novel emulsion-free, two-phase oil and water system.

A graduate of UC Berkeley, Susan serves on the board of ICMAD. She is also a member of the Society of Cosmetic Chemists, Cosmetic Executive Women and Beauty Industry West.



  • Application Development
  • Formula Development
  • Licensed Intellectual Property
  • Patent Consulting
  • Pilot Batching
  • Quality Control
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Technology Transfer


Natural Wonders

Benchmark has extensive experience developing natural products. Our network of suppliers combs the globe for everything from arctic moss to ethically-sourced rain forest botanicals, giving Benchmark a first look at new and novel natural materials. Whether it be edible cleansers or award-winning, all natural baby products, Benchmark has formulated it all.

Problem Solving Rx

Benchmark was the key scientific source for a prescription strength hydroquinone product that offers the skin lightening benefits of hydroquinone with minimal undesirable side effects. The product continues to be a physician-dispensed bestseller.

Damage Control

Clients often turn to Benchmark to solve manufacturing scale-up and stability issues. Whether it be finding a replacement ingredient for one no longer available, problem-solving batching issues, or entirely reformulating a product, Benchmark finds solutions that simplify manufacturing and make products safer and more stable.

Spa Innovation

When a team of service innovators opened a chain of spas, they engaged Benchmark to formulate a skin care line that amplified the effect of the spa’s laser treatments. This state-of-the-art pairing of treatment and product was widely featured in national media and it helped set the business apart from its competitors.

Hair Care Solutions

When global haircare brand engaged Benchmark to develop a range of sulfate-free hair care formulations, Benchmark delivered a line now purchased by millions of consumers worldwide. Benchmark has formulated hair care products for celebrity stylists and specialized products for ethnic hair, as well as an entire hair care brand derived from botanical oils.

Marketplace Success

Benchmark has created countless products that have risen to the top in crowded markets: a men’s prestige skincare range, a physician-developed brand for women’s hormonally-induced changes in the skin, several infomercial blockbusters, and numerous products that have won Allure® Magazine’s prestigious “Best of Beauty“ award.


State-of-the-art chemists’ benches where innovation happens.
Precisely calibrated equipment stress-tests each formula at a range of temperatures and conditions.
A fully functioning hair salon is available to test hair care products and conduct consumer focus groups.
Thousands of novel ingredients are at our chemists’ fingertips.
Pilot batches can be produced in our GMP-compliant, clean room manufacturing facility.
Our QC team tests each formula against a myriad of standards.